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Robertsons Weezers

Robertsons Weezers is one of the three teams formed by Robertsons, the law firm, which will be participating in the Weez Walk.

This team is led by Chris Lambert, Managing Partner of the firm, and consists also of his son James, and two friends of the firm, Mark Mcfarland and Sam Ribet. As you can see from the team photo, Mr. Tony Bruno has long been a friend of the team. Tony has earned enormous respect from all team and firm members with his meaningful initiative of founding the Weez Project to raise funds and awareness of youth mental health issues and suicide in Hong Kong.

This is the first time Robertsons has participated in this remarkable campaign. We very much hope to have your generous support. All the money donated by you will go to the vital cause of helping and supporting young people in Hong Kong who are facing mental health challenges, especially those who are contemplating self-harm or suicide.

RAISED HK$130608.00

Goal Amount HK$100000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Alex T $300.00
2 Anonymous $1,000.00
3 Jennifer Wong $500.00
4 Steve Vickers $1,000.00
5 David Gething $1,000.00
6 Anonymous $300.00
7 Private Capital Limited $5,000.00
8 Sidlow and Margaret McFarland $500.00
9 Lana Ng $5,000.00
10 Dr Titania Tong $5,000.00