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WIS Walks

WIS Walks is a passionate group of West Island School students who are wholeheartedly committed to making positive change within the youth community. As the youth of today, it is essential to take action and lead by example; for some of us, this will be our second or even third year participating! So in 2024, we will again aid KELY Support Group in its crucial endeavour towards raising awareness and funds for youth mental health and suicide prevention. At WIS we are very fortunate to have access to incredible support systems and resources; we believe they should be readily extended to all teens and youth across Hong Kong.

Please support us in this meaningful and certainly crucial journey. Together, we can genuinely make a lasting impact and foster a supportive society that nurtures the young minds of Hong Kong. WIS Walks welcomes any form of support whether it be donating to this excellent cause or spreading the word; all of which will help the collective mission to develop a brighter future for us youth!

RAISED HK$31888.00

Goal Amount HK$20000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 This is my favorite quote from the Weez Walk, which can be seen spray-painted on a wall between Aldrich Bay to Central: $4,385.00
2 "You will face lots of defeats in life..." $4,384.00
3 ...but never let yourself be defeated!" $4,385.00
4 ~ MJS & Supporters :) GO WIS WALKS!!! $4,384.00
5 Pooja Thakker $500.00
6 Zoe :) $200.00
7 Isaac & family $500.00
8 Eli 🐸 $100.00
9 Karen $200.00
10 Raddy, Jiya, Jody, Kai, Riley, Achilles, Nikaash, & Jack (kind donors around WIS :)) $400.00

Activity Record:

# Stage Completed Completed Date
1 Stage 1 2024-02-04
2 Stage 2 2024-02-13
3 Stage 3 2024-02-15
4 Stage 4 2024-02-24
5 Stage 5 2024-02-24
6 Stage 6 2024-02-25