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KWW Weezwalk will take place from 7am on Sat 24 Feb at Central Pier. 10 KWM teams consisting of over 70 staff & family members will challenge the route spanning 62 km around the perimeter of Hong Kong Island.

The KWM teams are currently:

1. Donovan Ferguson, Paul Starr, Anthony Lee (Paul’s trainer), Lucinda McPhee, Meena Kesavankutty, Yvonne Chen, Justin Lee, Jayden Tse and Weiwei Du [DON'S DAZZLERS]
2. Edmund Wan, Sian Knight, Jesse Tizard, Kristen Sun [EDMUND'S EXCELLERS]
3. Hayden Flinn, Herman Wong, Alexander Cheng, David Olsson, Haidi Teng, Huang Ling, Harry Du, Xinyu Bai, Ike Kutlaca, John (Sue’s husband) [HAYDEN'S HEROES]
4. Minny Siu, Cindy Shek, Jessica Zhou, Florence Lau (alumni), Minny’s sister & daughter [MINNY'S MARVELS]
5. Song Yue, Michael Lu, Lu Tan, Winnie Li, Bernice Wang, Marc Fang [SONG’S SIX PACK]
6. Guo Sun Lee, Cheryl Ho, Chantelle Lui, Clarissa Watt, Bobby Fung, Ivan Sze, Elise Sum, Zeny Chow, Phoenix Chiu [GO GOZZILINGS]
7. Laine Koon Murray, Adrian Lau, Philip Wai, Philip Mitchell, Francis Ngai, Laine’s husband - supported by full BD team, Maisee, Fanny [LAINE’S LEADERS]
8. Jingjing Jiang, Jingjing’s son, Thaddeus Wang, Aaron Zhu, Shelly Lu, David Mu, Xie Tian, Huang Sichen, Zhang Chang, Lai Jingyi, Susan Zhang,Zhang Yaoren, Sihan Jiang, Andrew Fei, Elsie Ma and family and friends [GBA PORTAL ROCKS]
9. Sheldon Tse, Sheryl Cheung, Jane Bu, Florence Chan [SHELDON’S STARS]
10.Corey Zhang, Jason Kuo, Alick Gao, Xinyue Yang, Jiayang Zhou, Wang Jiangcheng, Candy Chan, John Baptist Chan, Jason Xu [WEEKEND WARRIORS]
11. Richard Mazzochi, Amanda, Petra [RICAHRD'S REVELLERS]

The net proceeds from this initiative will go to KELY Support Group and be used fully to develop and deliver preventative mental health programmes for young people in Hong Kong.


HKD 2,000 for each KWM individual who completes the whole walk in one go on foot only – no transport - photographic (and perhaps affidavit) proof needs to be sent to Paul by COB Mon 26 Feb

An additional HKD5,000 for each KWM group of 4 (can be cross-team) who similarly complete with similar photographic evidence to be provided by COB Mon 26 Feb

Thank you for your support!

RAISED HK$306289.00

Goal Amount HK$300000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Mary Wong $1,000.00
2 Maisee $1,000.00
3 Bobby $100.00
4 Ching Hei $1,000.00
5 Susan $500.00
6 Priscilla Yu $1,000.00
7 PAUL $54,000.00
8 Mei Sze $100.00
9 Edward Chan $100.00
10 Anonymous $100.00