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Mindful Striders

我們因跑步而認識,並相互支持各自的目標。 這次我們參加Weez Walk,為慈善而奔跑。

近年社會對精神健康的認識普遍增加,然而仍有許多年輕人陷入困境,面臨不同的精神健康挑戰,尤其近年,青年意外事件有增加趨勢,我們希望得到大家的支持,為KELY Support Group籌款,為香港的青少年提供精神健康計劃和服務。 我們堅信,透過為年輕人提供必要的技能和知識,我們可以推動態度和行為的真正改變。


The four of us have been supporting and running together to achieve our personal running goals. This time, we have joined Weez Walk and are running for a cause around the HK Island.

In Hong Kong, there is increasing awareness about mental health. However, it breaks our hearts to see many young people still struggling with various mental health challenges, especially considering the rise in suicides.

We are seeking your support in fundraising for the KELY Support Group, which provides mental health and wellbeing programs to youth in Hong Kong. We strongly believe that by equipping young people with the necessary skills and knowledge, we can go beyond awareness and drive real attitude and behaviour change.

Your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of these young individuals. Join us in this meaningful cause and help us create a positive impact on mental health in Hong Kong.

Together, let's make a lasting change!

RAISED HK$13020.00

Goal Amount HK$15000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Jane Li $400.00
2 Sandra $1,000.00
3 jan $200.00
4 Yvonne Chan $300.00
5 Siuming $100.00
6 Fat Star $200.00
7 DennisL $1,000.00
9 Frankie Yau $200.00
10 Kira Tsoi $500.00