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Tony Bruno

Hi. I started Weez Walk in 2021, to raise awareness of mental health problems in young people in Hong Kong, to campaign for help in preventing suicide, and to raise much needed funds to help achieve these goals. Since then we have enrolled thousands of people to participate in Weez Walk, raised millions of dollars, and reached over 20,000 young people in Hong Kong.
When I first did Weez Walk I completed the 62km course in 12 hours and 58 minutes. Since then I've marginally improved, This year I did it twice in one go, plus multiple times be sections - my best time now is 12:37.
We have over 800 participants this year and are raising record sums to support KELYs work with youth mental health. I would be so grateful if you sponsored me to finish the course. Any donation, no matter how large or small, all helps and goes a long way to helping the young people of Hong Kong. Please donate.
Many thanks

RAISED HK$61988.00

Goal Amount HK$50000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Jules and Brenton $1,000.00
2 Anonymous $2,000.00
3 Catherine $500.00
4 The Vandashians $500.00
5 Anonymous $100.00
6 Marsha & Jim $2,000.00
7 Kai Chui $500.00
8 Angie $250.00
9 Monty and Sharon $2,000.00
10 Jane and David $2,000.00

Activity Record:

# Stage Completed Completed Date
1 In One Go 2024-02-24