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Running On Residual Fitness (RORF)


Thank you for visiting our page 😁.

We are off on a causal 60km ish walk/jog around beautiful HK Island on Saturday 17th February. No doubt fuelled by copious amounts of our fave: Pocari Sweat!

As our team name suggests, we are hoping to be ‘Running On Residual Fitness’ -garnered through the fitness acquired by Mel and Priscilla during the SCHK Half-marathon on 21st January (well done ladies!) and general running fitness from Anita and Ali.

This is for a very meaningful cause, supporting youth mental health and suicide prevention programmes through KELY Support Group. Weez Walk was founded in memory of a teenager in HK called Jamie who took his life in 2017. It is devastating to even contemplate.

We are 4 friends (2 of whom are sisters!) who met through our little run club “RunYoga HK” . We meet on Sundays and run about 5km together. Our club was started during the covid times of 2020. Meeting for a run each week helped us so much-mentally, emotionally and physically. A reminder that we are supported by each other, are stronger than we think and to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Running is pretty magical ✨.

If you can make a donation, that would be really wonderful and very much appreciated. Let’s work together to keep mental health support a priority.

Thank you!
Ali, Anita, Mel and Priscilla

RAISED HK$9370.00

Goal Amount HK$1000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Arju $500.00
2 Mark $800.00
3 Rob $100.00
4 Pamela wigmore and marie $70.00
5 LT $200.00
6 The other Alison $200.00
7 Claire T $200.00
8 Anonymous $200.00
9 Jacq $200.00
10 Anonymous $500.00