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Andy NG

Dear all, it’s my second Weez walk (65km) raising funds for KELY for their incredible efforts on youth mental health and suicide prevention programs.
During this yr I physically joined and witnessed their works in secondary schools and the mass public. We need to support them so that they can support our youth!


Would love to invite your support in a couple of ways :
1) join me in walking any part of the 65km ;
2) support by donating my 65km walk/run with any amount as every extra dollar helps their program (click “Donate Now” button on this page); and/or
3) bring along the youth mental health prevention topic to your friends/family by following KELY’s work and activities.

RAISED HK$23926.00

Goal Amount HK$100000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Anonymous $1,000.00
2 Raymond Yiu Yue $500.00
3 Anonymous $500.00
4 Anonymous $1,000.00
5 K $5,000.00
6 Anonymous $2,000.00
7 Otto LAU $1,000.00
8 Let’s go DBS 88! $1,888.00
9 Anonymous $1,000.00
10 Norman Yum $1,000.00